Dipsy Troller

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New Version

As of August 18th, the new version for iOS 8 and even iOS9 is almost ready.


Dipsy Troller is an iPhone App for fishermen. It shows the length of line for the depth you want to reach with fishing divers like Dipsy Diver, Jet Diver, Pink Lady or lead core line used to fish walleye, salmon, trout, lake trout.

As a fisherman myself, I was always searching for the charts and either I can’t find them, or they’re soaked with water. Don’t misunderstand me, all my tackle boxes are well organized but these tiny sheets of paper have no place in them. So I have designed this app for all of us who can’t find the charts. More seriously, while driving the boat it’s not always easy to find the right value in the chart and to calculate all of the other variables, speed and line.

The app has been designed to be fast and easy to use. Select the diver and slide the cursor to choose the depth, it will give you the length of line to take out of the reel. That’s it!


The app has been designed for 14 divers:

  • the 5 standard Dipsy Divers from Luhr-Jensen
  • the Magnum Dipsy Divers from Luhr-Jensen
  • the 4 Jet Divers from Luhr-Jensen
  • the 3 Pink Lady from Luhr-Jensen
  • any Leadcore line

I will add any other divers or diving systems, if you send me the photos and charts.

Other parameters

To calculate the optimum length of line the app use more variables:

  • the speed of the boat
  • the line type
  • for the dipsies the position of the directional sinker
  • also for the dipsies the use of O’Ring or not

Language and units

You can choose your language

  • french
  • english

You can also choose the speed and length units :

  • for speed: kilometers per hour (km/h) or miles per hour (mph)
  • for length and depth: meters or feet