Divers’ Group

The Dipsy, and many divers who copy it, have 2 functions:

  • to bring the lure to a given depth
  • allow to have several lines at the same time

The app allowed to calculate the length of line to bring the Dipsy to the right depth, it now allows to manage several divers simultaneously.

The basic idea was to be able to visualize more quickly the length of line needed for each diver installed. Even if you install 3 Dipsy #1s, the length needed for the center one is different from those installed with a drift. This is even more true if they are different models or even divers of different brands.

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It is very useful to reset the line for each divers after catching a fish or to repeat the same setup several days in a row.


Add a diver

You must select a first diver, set it up for speed(1) and depth(2). Then set the drift position if it can be drifted to port or starboard with the plate(3). Then add it to the device (4).

It is important to understand that the speed selected with the first diver added will be the basis for all subsequent ones. It is of course possible to change it later.

Display and settings

The group is displayed at the top of the main page (above). The arrow allows access to a more complete display.

The positions are labeled like on the diver’s plates from 0 for the center position to 1,2 or 3 for the side positions. The two sides, port and starboard, are marked and the small boat in the title line allows you to change this orientation.

For each line, you have the depth and length of the line. The trash can is used to remove the diver from the line. The trash can on the title line allows you to delete all the divers.

The speed slider allows you to change the boat speed for all divers.

The depth slider allows you to add or remove an identical value for ALL divers simultaneously. If you want to change the depth for one diver, you can click on the corresponding line to access the full screen of the diver.