New release v1.8 build 14: simpler menu

Just push the new release named build 14,

Adding more and more divers in the menu make it longer and longer and even with the current favorites system, I found difficult to get the one I search at first glance. So in this version, the most interesting feature is the ability to limit the menu to the favorites.

New divers

– ring data for Dipsy Magnum
– Torpedo Deep Sea divers
– Torpedo steel line
– lures impact on Torpedo

New fixes

– UI updates
– memory of state reload

New version released (v1.6b11)

That’s it, the new version is available on IOS App Store and Google Play with all the new functions and divers:

  • new divers
    • TeamDreamweavers Deeper divers
    • TeamDreamweavers TripZ
    • Copper lines
  • new UI enhancement
    • memory of state for each page
    • change unit of speed, length and depth on the fly
    • plate draggable fo modern usage
  • Bug fix and programming
  • Full automated tested of data