Davis Fish Seeker

We found a new diver that escape previous research: Davis Instruments offers a very simple to use one, the Fish Seeker. 6 positions for the reel’s line, 5 positions for the lure’s line give multiple solutions to reach a predefined depth. You want to reach 30′, it’s C2, like in.

Torpedo Trolling Wires

Catch more fish with Torpedo Wire.  Wire creates a vibration in the water that the fish find very attractive.  The darker smoke color will virtually disappear into the water and not distract from your stealth presentation.  Our wire is made with only the highest quality AISI 304 stainless  steel, the.

Copper Line

We had Leadcore Line and we added new functions recently to it, but we never had Copper Line. In Dipsy Troller, Version 3, assuming you want to have all solutions at your fingertips, we decided to add the two most used Copper lines 30# and 45#. Also, these lines are not.