From 12 to 46, more divers, more choices

The first version was for 12 divers :

  • Dipsy, Dipsy Zero, Dipsy mini and Magnum
  • Pink Lady : 3 models
  • Jet Diver : 4 models
  • Lead lines : only 1 model

the latest version offers 34 more

  • Chinook Diver : 5 models
  • DeepSix Diver : 3 models
  • U-Charter Slide divers : 3 models
  • Big Jon divers : 2 models
  • Torpedo : 4 models
  • Torpedo Deep sea diver : 2 sets
  • Copper lines : 2 models
  • Torpedo Steel line
  • Team Dreamweaver Deeper Diver : 5 models
  • Team Dreamweaver Rundown Trip-Z de : 4 models
  • Lead lines : 3 new models

Retired divers: Torpedo Deep Sea diver

That’s an interesting subject, these old divers are not available anymore so their data is not easy to find. As their have an excellent quality and are very durable, it’s pretty sure that some of us have still them in their fishing box. So adding them will certainly help some.

In this case, the Torpedo are still available and they were used in conjonction with the retired Deep Sea diver to reach deeper water, so we have two sets the diver alone and in conjonction.

Hope this will help.


Copper Line

We had Leadcore Line and we added new functions recently to it, but we never had Copper Line. In Dipsy Troller, Version 3, assuming you want to have all solutions at your fingertips, we decided to add the two most used Copper lines 30# and 45#.

Also, these lines are not as abrasion resistant as steel wires nor their surface is hard as steel wires – don’t go shark fishing with copper fishing lines – they are harder than nylon mono lines, but … Also, kink resistance of copper wires could be better 🙂

Bloodrun copper lineDue to copper’s density of 8.96g/cm3, copper fishing lines sink much more than ordinary lines – for example, Blood Run Tackle Copper Fishing Line dive depths are around:

– 20 pound copper fishing line – 8 feet of depth for every 50 feet of line released at 2.5 mph (2.43m of depth for every 15.3m of line released at 4km/h or 2.2 knots),
– 32 pound copper fishing line – 8 feet of depth for every 50 feet of line released at 2.5 mph,
– 45 pound copper fishing line – 9 (2.75m) feet of depth for every 50 feet of line released at 2.5 mph,
– 60 pound copper fishing line – 11 (3.35m) feet of depth for every 50 feet of line released at 2.5 mph.

These values are for buoyancy neutral lures.Of course, actual lure or bait depth depends on many factors like:

– speed and direction of underwater currents,
– lure and bait buoyancy and drag resistance,
– trolling speed,

Recommended usage: use copper fishing line as the main line and good fluoro line as the line leader – few feet (not more than 20 feet) is more than enough. Leader line length, of course, depends on fishing depth, trolling speed, how clear is the water, daylight conditions etc.

New Dreamweaver Deeper Diver

The version 3.1.2 offers two new divers :

  • the Dreamweaver Deeper Diver
  • the Dreamweaver Rundown Trip-Z

from Team Dreamweaver Lures

Team Dreamweaver Deeper Diver Water melon

From the manufacturer

The Dreamweaver Deeper Diver will shoot straight down into the !sh zone and stay there, making it one of the most versatile tools you could have on hand. With a unique No-Ring design, this diver eliminates the hassle of having to add on plastic rings, which ultimately pop o” and wear out over time. Using the water’s resistance to dive, the Dreamweaver Deeper Diver uses a Dial-a-Direction weight system which allows you to adjust the drive direction (port or starboard), as well as set the weight right in the middle to dive directly behind the boat.

  • Patented No-Ring design
  • Dial-a-Direction weight system
  • Releases upon strike

5 Models and 2 set of lines

There are 2 charts available :

  • one with 30 lbs lines for all models
  • one with a different line for each model accordingly with the fish chased:
    • size 45 mm with 10 lbs lines
    • size 65 mm with 15 lbs lines
    • size 82 mm with 17 lbs lines
    • size 107 mm with 25 lbs lines
    • size 124 mm with 30 lbs lines
screenshots of Dreamweaver deeper diver