Dipsy gives the length of line to reach the desired depth with one of the 70 divers and now manage the full system up to 7 divers.

Dipsy now handles a system of 7 divers simultaneously. Dipsy and all its copies have two functions: to bring the lure to the right depth and to deflect the line out of the boat’s path to allow raking with several lines simultaneously. The previous version kept the speed and depth settings of one diver, but if you had several at different positions, you still had to recalculate each time. The “diver group” system allows to keep, each at its position, 7 identical or different divers and to modify them all together to lower or raise the system, or, of course, individually. The favorites allow you to keep the divers of your trunk at the top of the menu for easy access, you can also hijack the group to visually keep the settings for your most used divers.

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