Torpedo Trolling Wires

Catch more fish with Torpedo Wire.  Wire creates a vibration in the water that the fish find very attractive.  The darker smoke color will virtually disappear into the water and not distract from your stealth presentation.  Our wire is made with only the highest quality AISI 304 stainless  steel, the best in the industry.   Torpedo 19-Strand Trolling Wire forgives kinks and provides increased flexibility over 7-Strand. Our Torpedo Weighted Steel gives you the depth without the hassles of copper.

Nineteen Strand Torpedo Trolling Wire forgives kink, provides increased flexibility over 7 strand, less prone to spiny water fleas and its smoothness is less damaging to your guides. The weight of the Wire makes a great backing for leadcore and copper lines.  

Available in Smoky and Bright Wire Finish.  
The smoky color disappears into the water 

Length: 1000 ft 
Break 40 lbs 
Knot 35 lbs 
Kinked 30 lbs 

  • Forgives kink 
  • Kinked line breaks at 30 lbs and can be straightened out 
  • 2.77 X more flexible than 7 strand wire 
  • Less prone to Spiny Water Fleas then 7 strand 
  • Rounder than 7 strand  
  • Smoother than 7 strand, easier on guides