• Davis Fish Seeker
    We found a new diver that escape previous research: Davis Instruments offers a very simple to use one, the Fish Seeker. 6 positions for the reel’s line, 5 positions for the lure’s line give multiple solutions to reach a predefined depth. You want to reach 30′, it’s C2, like in.
  • Torpedo Trolling Wires
    Catch more fish with Torpedo Wire.  Wire creates a vibration in the water that the fish find very attractive.  The darker smoke color will virtually disappear into the water and not distract from your stealth presentation.  Our wire is made with only the highest quality AISI 304 stainless  steel, the.
  • New release v1.8 build 14: simpler menu
    New fixes – UI updates– memory of state reload
  • From 12 to 46, more divers, more choices
    The first version was for 12 divers : Dipsy, Dipsy Zero, Dipsy mini and Magnum Pink Lady : 3 models Jet Diver : 4 models Lead lines : only 1 model the latest version offers 34 more Chinook Diver : 5 models DeepSix Diver : 3 models U-Charter Slide divers.
  • Retired divers: Torpedo Deep Sea diver
    That’s an interesting subject, these old divers are not available anymore so their data is not easy to find. As their have an excellent quality and are very durable, it’s pretty sure that some of us have still them in their fishing box. So adding them will certainly help some..
  • Torpedo: impact of lure on depth
    While working on adding Torpedo Deep Sea diver, an abandoned divers but that some of you could still have and use, I found this advice from the company: Lures and dodgers/flasher/rotators all have drag. A 4-inch lure will cause your presentation to lose two feet of depth,  a magnum spoon.
  • Magnum Dipsy : data for O’Ring
    After having dowloaded the last version, Malcolm wrote to says that the data for the Magnum Dipsy with O’Ring was missing. It was true that the switch was enabled on the user interface but it was inactive. As Malcolm said it would be useful, I search in my library to.
  • New version released (v1.6b11)
    That’s it, the new version is available on IOS App Store and Google Play with all the new functions and divers: new divers TeamDreamweavers Deeper divers TeamDreamweavers TripZ Copper lines new UI enhancement memory of state for each page change unit of speed, length and depth on the fly plate.

New version

Dipsy Troller is an app for smartphone to interactively get the length of trolling line initially for the Dipsy Troller de Luhr Jensen and some others divers from the same company.

As fishermen, we have all opened our fishing box to find that the user data of the divers have been soaked and is unreadable or that we can’t find it. It happened to me and to my fishing buddy, so I decided to write this app. The truth is also that to find the right length considering all the factors: the size, the ring, the line, the plates… while driving the boat, putting lines to the water, trying to not hook ourselves, looking at the sonar, trying to get the thermocline depth, adding waypoint when seeing fishes, listening radio for other reports is difficult to say the least. 9 years ago, smartphones were only starting to be in all fishermen pocket but now it is clearly in all pockets. 

Dipsies have a very simple data table, while the two values per cell, with or without the ring, make it clearly more difficult to read. But some of the other divers have larger and more complex data tables with tens of columns and rows and even many pages. Now that apps are omnipresent, it was the right time to do another version with more divers.

That’s it, the third generation of Dipsy Troller is ready.

The first one was 2011! It was on iOS version 4 and iPhone 3G.
The second one was 2017, iOS version 10 and iPhone 5.
The last one is for version 14 and iPhone 12. 

The new version had a lot of new features: more divers, more functions and more phones.

More Divers

The first and second version were for:

  • Dipsy, Dipsy Zero, Dipsy mini and Magnum
  • Pink Lady : 3 models
  • Jet Diver : 4 models
  • Lead lines : only 1 model

The new version offers :

  • Chinook Diver : 5 models
  • DeepSix Diver : 3 models
  • U-Charter Slide divers : 3 models
  • Big Jon divers : 2 models
  • Torpedo : 4 models
  • Torpedo Deep sea diver : 2 sets
  • Copper lines : 2 models
  • Torpedo Steel line
  • Team Dreamweaver Deeper Diver : 5 models
  • Team Dreamweaver Rundown Trip-Z de : 4 models
  • Lead lines : 3 new models

Which makes the count up to 46 models.

UI shows realistic image of the diver.

More functions


With that many divers, I had a favorite function. You can favorite the series or only one model.

Double indicators

If having the counters on top of screen and the cursor at the bottom is a problem, you can now double show them close to the sliders.


Landscape mode

Just for fun, you can now turn your phone on his side.


 More phones

L’app is available from iPhone 5 to brand new iPhone 12 with iOS 10 and up but also for Androids.