Retired divers: Torpedo Deep Sea diver

That’s an interesting subject, these old divers are not available anymore so their data is not easy to find. As their have an excellent quality and are very durable, it’s pretty sure that some of us have still them in their fishing box. So adding them will certainly help some.

In this case, the Torpedo are still available and they were used in conjonction with the retired Deep Sea diver to reach deeper water, so we have two sets the diver alone and in conjonction.

Hope this will help.


Torpedo: impact of lure on depth

While working on adding Torpedo Deep Sea diver, an abandoned divers but that some of you could still have and use, I found this advice from the company:

Lures and dodgers/flasher/rotators all have drag. A 4-inch lure will cause your presentation to lose two feet of depth,  a magnum spoon will lose 5 feet of depth and dodgers/flasher/rotators will lose 7 feet of depth. This is important information when  making precise depth presentation.

As it is interesting for accurate presentation, I updated the interface for the Torpedos to add this new parameters:

  • 4″ lure
  • magnum spoon
  • dodger, flasher or rotator.