Slower than nominal speeds

We got a request about lower than nominal speeds.




BTW it says, it is an Excellent app 😉

So it is, in fact, quite accurate. When the cursor drops below the minimum speed, we always display the same information. It’s simpler than displaying an error and especially easier to read when you’re in a boat. But based on the usual calculation proposed by the manufacturers, of a linear increase above the maximum speed, we have added an option to approximate low speeds. This option, disabled by default, activates the function for all Dipsy Divers, but also for divers like JetDivers, Dreamweaver, BigJon, Chinook, Copper Lines, DeepSix, Slide Diver, TripZ and TruTrip. Of course, it depends even more on the lure and its buoyancy

Copper line computing

In the mean time, we find out an inconsistency between the narrative of the Copper Line help and the calculator. The documentation of the copper line usually states a simple linear algorithm which looks like the lead line: 8 feet depth for 50 feet of line. Some manufacturers think that the copper line doesn’t go straight down but as with a parabola. It’s our thinking too but we added a new parameter to give you the ability to choose your best bet.

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