Plate drag

The first and second versions used 2 simple arrows to set up the dive direction plate position. It was for simplicity and usefulness. Driving a boat on the Great Lakes is not an easy feat and if you use an app at the same time, it must be quick and simple. Ten years later, everybody has got time to train and get better with drags swipes. the new version adds this move to set up the directional plate. BTW to not have it would make the app an old and odd design.


New Dreamweaver Deeper Diver

The version 3.1.2 offers two new divers :

  • the Dreamweaver Deeper Diver
  • the Dreamweaver Rundown Trip-Z

from Team Dreamweaver Lures

Team Dreamweaver Deeper Diver Water melon

From the manufacturer

The Dreamweaver Deeper Diver will shoot straight down into the !sh zone and stay there, making it one of the most versatile tools you could have on hand. With a unique No-Ring design, this diver eliminates the hassle of having to add on plastic rings, which ultimately pop o” and wear out over time. Using the water’s resistance to dive, the Dreamweaver Deeper Diver uses a Dial-a-Direction weight system which allows you to adjust the drive direction (port or starboard), as well as set the weight right in the middle to dive directly behind the boat.

  • Patented No-Ring design
  • Dial-a-Direction weight system
  • Releases upon strike

5 Models and 2 set of lines

There are 2 charts available :

  • one with 30 lbs lines for all models
  • one with a different line for each model accordingly with the fish chased:
    • size 45 mm with 10 lbs lines
    • size 65 mm with 15 lbs lines
    • size 82 mm with 17 lbs lines
    • size 107 mm with 25 lbs lines
    • size 124 mm with 30 lbs lines
screenshots of Dreamweaver deeper diver