Pêche à la traine


Trolling is the single most productive method for catching fish. With proper execution, you’ll cover more water, both vertically and horizontally, than any other technique. Legendary in the waters of the Northwest and the Great Lakes Luhr-Jensen Trolling Accessories are unrivaled. Whether fishing lake trolls, with flash and vibration to attract predatory fish from a distance, Dodgers and Flashers to attract fish while also imparting additional action to trailing lures or baits or using Luhr-Jensen divers to capture the pressure created by the forward momentum of a trolling boat and utilize it to achieve the target depth. All provide unique characteristics that make them the most effective products available for the applications they’re designed for.


The special round shape and resulting multi-directional feature sets the Dipsy Diver apart from all other divers and planers. A shift left or right, as indicated on the base plate, will cause the diver to track to port or starboard, allowing for large spreads of lures to be fished from a single boat. You’ll cover more water when the Dipsy Divers are deployed. The adjustable trip mechanism can be set specifically for various lure sizes and the size of target fish. Four sizes of Dipsy Divers are available, with dive depths of up to 20, 35, 50 and 100 feet. See our Tech Report: Dipsy Diver, The Directional Diver and Tech Report #15: Trolling Spoons for Freshwater Salmon, Striped Bass, Trout.


  • Directional design locks into multiple positions
  • Adjustable positive trip mechanism
  • Larger sizes have heavy-duty welded ring construction
  • Sizes 000, 001, 003 come with one « O » Ring
  • Add optional « O » Rings to dive even deeper (dives to depth is with « O » Ring)
  • UV Bright finish reflects more light energy, strengthening the Dipsy Diver’s visibility

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