Most of the calculations were 10 years old and even if we rewrote them quite a few times in different programming languages, they were fairly sure. BUT we finally discovered a few mistakes like the Dipsy Mini going down 40 feet 🙁 or the BigJon sizes mixed. So we decided to setup a full testing procedure. For each of the divers, this system tests each model for basic settings : low depth and the deeper, plate position or line strength, and speed. For each model, some specific testing are done like the many speeds of Torpedos or O-Ring and Fireline. 

The test is written by settings the parameters and the given length from the manufacturer documentation, and automatically comparing the result of the calculation function. IE if the manufacturer says that the Dipsy Driver #1 at 2.2MPH needs 16 feet of line to reach 10′ with the plate on center, we enter these parameters and check if the app gives the right length. Then we test with the plate on 3, and compare the result with the true value of 30, and do another test at 70′, plate on center and O’Ring to check the 150. 

Now before any release, these complete tests are run to ensure that we show the right trolling line length.

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