After a few weeks the app has been sold mainly in US and Canada but I have been very pleased to see that one has been sold in New-Zealand!

I’m very happy to live in a fisherman heaven but can’t stop dreaming to go this far to see how fishing is. You can’t believe it, whales are cruising just outside of my window, no kidding! There are hordes of tourists in the village here to crowd cruises boats to see a few humpback whales, fin whales or beluga whales. And I can see the whales through my windows. My boat is moored in of the most beautiful place any fisherman could imagine. I just have to drive 15 minutes to fly fish salmon and sea trouts and when I see that a New-Zealander bought my app, I dream to travel there.

Anyway I’ll go there before I die but you need to buy my app 😉

By admin