Copper Line

We had Leadcore Line and we added new functions recently to it, but we never had Copper Line. In Dipsy Troller, Version 3, assuming you want to have all solutions at your fingertips, we decided to add the two most used Copper lines 30# and 45#. Also, these lines are not.

More new functions: memory

Most of the time, the app was keeping the current settings when you were switching to answer a call or check your mails. But sometimes, it was loosing the current length of line calculation. Another case where this could be useful, is the cas where you are fishing 2 different.

Highlighting of important

Taking in account that the most important and searched information is the length of line, it appeared that we could make some emphasis on this indicator even if its position is the most prevalent one at top and right.   By default, the highlighting is on. You can enable/disable it.

New Dreamweaver Deeper Diver

The version 3.1.2 offers two new divers : the Dreamweaver Deeper Diver the Dreamweaver Rundown Trip-Z from Team Dreamweaver Lures From the manufacturer The Dreamweaver Deeper Diver will shoot straight down into the !sh zone and stay there, making it one of the most versatile tools you could have on hand..

World Wide App

After a few weeks the app has been sold mainly in US and Canada but I have been very pleased to see that one has been sold in New-Zealand! I’m very happy to live in a fisherman heaven but can’t stop dreaming to go this far to see how fishing.